We are really looking forward to welcoming our customers to sit and eat in our tea room again. We are making it a priority to keep both our staff and customers safe

that’s why we will be making some important changes to our eat in experience to comply with physical distancing and to make sure you feel comfortable when in our teas room.

The menu will now be on laminated sheets which are easy to santise. Everything on our previous menu will still be available and as ever, our menu is only a starting point so if you’d like something a little different, please do ask and we will do our best.

We offer cashless payment via card or phone and are still happy for you to pay in cash if you prefer.

We can’t wait to have you back at our place again but we are continuing to offer the delivery service as it has proved very popular and we know not everyone is ready to return as eat in customers just yet.

Risk assessment actions – Covid-19


  1. Hand sanitiser provided at the front door for the use of customers.

  2. Tables grouped together to create space between customer parties. Number of sit in customers reduced from 24 to 12, less if in smaller parties.

  3. Menus are now laminated A4 sheets which can easily be sanitised between customers.

  4. A table for meal collection has been provided to reduce staff/customer contact. One person from each party will be asked to collect the food for their party from the table.

  5. Cutlery, sugar and condiments will no longer be self service but will be provided on a tray for each party and multi use serving items will be sanitised between use.

  6. Cashless payments are available.

  7. A waiting area has been provided for takeaway customers away from those dining in.

  8. Staff health will be monitored regularly and staff encouraged to wash their hands after every contact with cash, cards, menus etc in addition to the normal hand washing regime.

  9. The play area has been reduced to just the play kitchen and play food/utensils which will be sanitised after each play.

  10. Customers will be requested to use hand sanitiser before handing the cards or the books.