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Keto and low calorie food

When nothing is worth breaking your diet for we have breakfasts, lunches and CAKE to keep you on the straight and narrow.

We have low/no carb breakfasts from a full English to a luxury breakfast of smoked salmon and scrambled eggs or Keto pancakes with bacon and avocado. We have Keto low carb scones with Keto no sugar jam and clotted cream. We even have Keto chocolate truffles made with 85% chocolate. 

Keto breakfast 1.jpg

Keto pancakes with bacon and avocado

Keto scone.jpg

Keto scone with no sugar jam and clotted cream

Keto truffles.jpg

Keto truffle. There were more but we ate them all!

If you're following a weight loss plan, then we have fab full English breakfasts that are low in fat - grilled sausages, bacon, tomato, poached mushrooms, a poached egg and beans.  We have a vegan version too with two vegan sausages instead of bacon & sausage. Give the toast a miss or include it as part of your daily allowance.

Or how about a luxury breakfast of smoked salmon and scrambled eggs. Or Eggs Benedict with grilled bacon and poached eggs?   

Lots of low fat lunches including jacket potatoes with light cheese triangles or homemade soup.  Best of all, we have low calorie homemade cake - lemon Swiss roll, chocolate cheesecake and Cookie Dough cake so everyone can even enjoy our Afternoon Tea.  We cut off the bread crusts so the bread for each wholemeal sandwich weighs just 50g.

We want our customers to be able to enjoy our food without dreading the scales. Bring your book/app and we'll tell you how our food can fit into your diet or food lifestyle. 

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