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We are passionate about providing food for everyone.  We have several vegan options, including breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea.  We make all our soup and ensure it is vegan.Many of our cakes are vegan.  Some are also gluten free. All can be made gluten free on request.

We make vegan lemon curd and vegan Coronation Chickfree to our recipe.

Vegan menu

Vegan breakfast                        £6

Gluten free vegan breakfast        £6

(Vegan sausages x 2,  hash

browns x 2, mushrooms, beans

& fried tomato. Toast).

Tea or coffee


Porridge                                £3.50

Made with a milk of your choice

Add maple syrup   +30p


Sandwich or batch                  £3.50

Freshly baked baguette or panini                                                  £4.00


Vegan sausages

Dairy free hard cheese

Dairy free soft cheese

Coronation Chickfree

Jacket potato                           £3.80

Add a filling +80p


Homemade soup £4

(All our soups are vegan)

Add a freshly baked baguette or ciabatta for £1.50

Beans on toast £4

Toast & dairy free spread  £1.80

Cookie Dough.jpg
Vegan victoria.jpg
Choc cake.jpg
Lemon curd.jpg
Truffles 2.jpg

Vegan cakes

Cookie Dough Cake* (GF)     £2.50

Blueberry loaf cake                 £2.50

Brownies*                                £2.50

Scones (plain or fruit)               £2.50

(With jam & dairy free cream)

Flapjack                                 £2.50

Four Fruit Flapjack (GF)       £2.80

Coconut & pineapple               £3.00

Lemon Tart                             £3.00

Rich chocolate cake                 £3.00

Shortcake                                 £2.50

Toasted teacake                       £2.00

* contains nuts

Vegan treats

Lemon curd (200g jar)       £2.50

Vegan Chocolate truffles   £7.00


(flavoured with brandy, rum, Malibu, Cointreau, coffee liqueur, Amaretto or real vanilla)

Vegan nougat 100g            £3.50

Vegan fudge 100g              £3.00

Vegan toffee 100g              £3.00

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